If You Are Looking for Your Good X, You Probably Have Bad Xs

Let’s admit it… Nowadays, everyone has stuff that they do not need. I often got myself saying, “Oh, this was my favorite T-Shirt”, and this is the moment I realize that I haven’t worn it for two years.⁠

Photo by G. Brian Davis on MoneyCrashers

We tend to create bonds with items we used broadly in the past, but we do not realize that we no longer need them. Sometimes, it is better to throw away things you no longer need than to create a pile of unused stuff in the closet or the garage. In every neighborhood, there is an area where you can leave your used property that will be either picked up or given to somebody who needs it. Either it is a T-Shirt, your old shaving machine, a book you bought but never read, or the box with your children’s toys stored in the garage.⁠

I follow a simple method to keep my wardrobe clean, well organized and get rid of the “bad” stuff I do not use. I split my wardrobe into three sections.⁠

Section 1 — Clothes I wear daily (i.e., my favorite T-shirts, jeans, hoodies, etc.)

Section 2 — Clothes I occasionally wear (i.e., shirts for special occasions, a suit jacket, or a winter coat)

Section 3 — Clothes I have not worn in the last year (i.e., my previous running shorts, a polo t-shirt that might not fit me well, or an expensive sweater that my mother got me as a present last Christmas)

I have found an efficient way to organize my closet. Twice per year, once in spring and once in winter, I devote a Sunday morning to tide up the closet. Section 1 and Section 2 are the ones more used in the last few months.

Regarding Section 3, I have established an unspoken law. Everything placed on it that had not been used within the previous year will be donated to the local church or charity. ⁠Even if a local church does not provide a donation program, most probably they will be able to redirect you to an organization that does.

Nothing makes decluttering easier than knowing your clothes and household belongings are going to a good cause — or at the very least, not going to the dump.

Consider this: around 11 million tons of textile waste end up in landfills each year. Furthermore, various studies demonstrate that less stuff can increase happiness. Therefore, considering adopting such a mindset might benefit your mental wellness and positively impact the environment.

There is no reason to feel bad about this 90’s band T-shirt. Remember that you are able to keep your stuff well organized and avoid the trap of thinking about how to handle your “bad” Xs.

So, do you follow any similar method to keep your stuff well organized and maintain only your “good” Xs?⁠⁠

My two passions are technology and business strategy. My purpose is to automate procedures and update workflows. My motto is “Work Smart, Not Hard”.

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